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Study in USA

Why Study in USA?

There are many reasons for any international student to study abroad in USA as indeed it is one of the most popular study abroad destinations. The factors that make the USA a number one choice of every study abroad aspirants are immense.

America’s commitment to excellence is why students from all across the world prefer taking up higher education in the country. Being a global leader in the education domain, the USA offers quality and internationally recognized education to the international students migrating from all around the world. The degrees awarded by the list of best colleges in USA are appreciated by employers and government across the world for enhanced learning experience and excellent academic boost.

The addition of a US degree in your profile implies that you have advanced level understanding of the English language. It also goes on to prove that you studied in one of the best education systems in the world. The USA education system promises advance technical facilities with ample space for innovation and research. Higher education in USA simply means that you had the best of education and is competent enough to contribute the most to the company.

Moreover, living and studying in a vivid country like the USA gives you courage and positive attitude, which stands much more influential than an educational degree. Following are some of the specific advantages of study in USA for Indian students.

The USA offers an extensive range of university and course choices to international students from all across the country. It is widely known amongst the study abroad aspirants for being a nation with more number of universities and colleges than any other country.

If, as an international student, you choose USA you will be introduced to a range of funding opportunities available. US Government encourages international students with many scholarship and bursaries to migrate to the country for higher education.

Top Universities in USA

The USA follows a rich education system that provides ample choices for international students. Once you decide to study in USA, you can choose from a range of educational institutions including school, universities and colleges. However, for any international students planning to move to American or any other country for higher education, it is of utmost importance that they formally gather as much information as they can about the country’s education system. Once you have a proper understanding, you can make better choices. The education structure of America consists of graduate schools, post graduate universities and variety of other educational level institutions.

One of the most popular higher education structure in the USA is the widely acclaimed Ivy League. It is a group of eight reputed USA universities. The league of universities is driven by supreme research, academic excellence, and social elitism. Apart from being extremely popular amongst the Americans, the universities are widely preferred by international students from all across the world.

The eight Ivy League universities include Brown University, Columbia University, Cornell University, Dartmouth College, Harvard University, the University of Pennsylvania, Princeton University, and Yale University.

Their methodology execution is unmatched with regards to leading research and conveying their insight base to students. They have visiting instructors from the Fortune 500 Corporations and the greater part of exceedingly experienced employees originating from industry. On the other hand, given the differing qualities of courses to look over, there are a scope of different establishments that may be engaging and suitable for an understudy. As exhibited in the World Rankings, the nature of USA University and Colleges outside of the ivy-alliance is of the most noteworthy standard and the arrangement of developments over eras from the US show confirmation to bolster this case. The Automobile, the Airplane, Modern Weaponry Systems, Search motor and Internet related stages, for example, Google and Social Networking and additionally the GPS.

USA Universities have a near point of preference in the accompanying regions of study: Business and Management, Economics and Finance, Administration, International Relations, Computing/IT, Media and Communications, and additionally Law and Engineering.

If you also dream to study in USA in one such internationally acclaimed universities, get in touch with The Chopras - one of the most successful and widely appreciated overseas education consultants in India. They have expert team of dedicated USA counsellors who can guide and plan better for you to move and stay in USA.

Once you decide to move to USA, the next step starts with shortlisting the courses and know what is best in USA will definitely help. “What should be my degree course?” is probably one of the biggest questions you face. And it is difficult to choose with so many colleges and universities available. Some of the hot majors and industries in USA from an international student’s perspective are the following –

• Information Systems

• All entrepreneurial majors

• Statistics

• Nursing

• Social Work

• Multimedia

• Web design

• Environmental sciences

• E-commerce

In a global recent survey, the grad school student in USA were asked to list down the best and most popular courses in the country. The survey had a wide reach with more than 4000 answers from all across country. Some of the most popular course in USA listed in the survey are Business & Management with more than 45% votes, Finance & Accounting got almost 19% votes, Economic 15%, Administration 14% and rest was all other course together.

In a global recent survey, the grad school student in USA were asked to list down the best and most popular courses in the country. The survey had a wide reach with more than 4000 answers from all across country. Some of the most popular course in USA listed in the survey are Business & Management with more than 45% votes, Finance & Accounting got almost 19% votes, Economic 15%, Administration 14% and rest was all other course together.

Admission Process in USA

Many students from all corners of the world dream to study in USA universities and colleges. The admission process for any international students begins at least 15 to 18 months before the actual proposed date of admission. It starts much before actually getting the application form. To have a proper planning, you should start by getting to know the eligibility criteria for your university.

Most schools require capabilities practically identical to a U.S. Undergraduate (Honours) degree, which is usually a Four Year Degree Program. That implies at least 16 years of formal training. In the Indian connection, it infers qualifying in an expert four-year degree like building or other such courses. For Doctorate programs, most colleges require a Master's degree in that subject. In a couple of excellent cases like a decent undergrad designing degree, they may offer an immediate admission to a Doctorate course.

In case you have finished a three-year degree program in India, the prudent arrangement of activity to boost qualification for U.S. master's level college is to apply for a Post Graduate degree here in India. A one-year college associated system will compensate for the fourth year of a U.S. College degree.

Students planning to take admission in USA University can get in touch with The Chopras Global Education Consultants. The Chopras, through their expert team of USA counsellors, follows the following process for admissions to study in USA -

1. Registration – This is the point at which an understudy strolls into the closest branch office and present the complete enrolment structure to get enlisted as an understudy with The Chopras. Students must begin the procedure no less than 10 to 15 months before the time they plan to begin the course at USA colleges.

2. Profiling – The master advisors begin getting to the enrolled students profile and fathom their qualities, scholastics and future goals. This acts as the going stone of searching for an immaculate spot for you in the USA.

3. Standardised Tests – Studying abroad in any nation incorporating the USA begins with get ready for the state sanctioned test. Each worldwide college acknowledges the scores of some state sanctioned test to look at the understudy's information before recompensing seats at the college. Along these lines, once you shortlist the course, taking into account the particular necessities, the guides will propose you about the conceivable test choices for you. You get ready and take the test just to get the outcomes inspected by the advocates before sending application to the college.

4. University/Course Selection – Once you have the government sanctioned test scores, you talk about with the guides to know more about the most ideal college and courses coordinating your profile. Potential college/course choice is a standout amongst the most pivotal phases of arranging your advanced education abroad.

5. Document Editing – Applying to study in USA colleges obliges you to present a couple reports other than the instructive foundation. These records incorporate your Statement of Purpose, Letter of Recommendation and you’re most recent Resume, all particularly drafted and composed by you. The Chopras has a group of expert to help students in composing these records at an expert level meeting the necessities highlighted by the colleges.

6. Application Review and Submission – The group at The Chopras help students in assembling every one of the reports together, finishing the application in an endorsed way and last accommodation to the USA college affirmation office. The structure are explored completely before last accommodation keeping in mind the end goal to dodge any very late goof-ups.

7. Interview Preparations – Appearing for the University meeting can be a finished frightening arrangement. Students, particularly the ones arranging undergrad study, are defenseless and more often than not commit idiotic errors amid the meeting. To set you up better for the meeting with the picked college, The Chopras compose counterfeit meeting sessions where students take in more about the forthcoming inquiries questions.

8. Visa Counselling – Getting a Visa for the USA is the most difficult and troublesome parts of your whole confirmation process. Students can reach The Chopras Visa division for master supposition on the USA visa process. The master visa counsels likewise help students with the documentation, visa meeting readiness and different customs getting an understudy visa.

9. Pre-Departure Information – The Company sorts out a brief pre-flight workshop for students all set to relocate to study in USA for their higher capability. The session is full broad and particular data that help students to be very much arranged to be in front of the US University.

Scholarship to Study in USA

USA, as a study abroad destination, can be heavy on your budget. So, for students planning to take up higher education in USA and are thinking of applying for a study abroad scholarship, the application process actually starts months in advance. In an ideal situation, the application process for study abroad scholarships for international students in USA starts at least 12 months before the actual admission date. However, the deadline date of sending applications to the universities varies from institution to institution.

American Higher education system for international student’s applications to study in USA follows to two important intake cycles. These are –

Major – September Intakes

Minor – January Intakes

Though there are many international student scholarships and bursaries available, competition is tough due to huge number of applications received every academic year. Therefore, students are advised to start the application process well in time. Also, it is highly advisable to take expert opinion before you actually send the application for scholarships to study in USA for Indian students.

For detailed information and guidance, students are advised to take expert guidance at The Chopras Global Education Company. You can interact with the study abroad counsellors to get to know about the best possible scholarship option based on your educational background and profile.

Education Cost in USA

An estimate of the education cost is important before you actually plan your future in new country. Study in USA can be an expensive affair though the actual cost depends on a lot of other factors. For Indian students, it is all the way more important as they also have to keep the conversion rate in mind. For better understanding, here is an average education cost for an international students in USA.

On an average, a student will have to be prepared to spend as minimum as 10000 – 12000 US dollars per year to stay in USA. Here is a more broad calculation of the average tuition fee –

In USA, a public institution tuition cost –

For UG Courses - 8000 - 15000 US Dollars - Rs. 4, 00,000 - Rs. 7, 50,000 INR per year

For PG Courses - 10000 - 20000 US Dollars - Rs. 5,00,000 - Rs. 10,00,000 INR per year

In USA, a private institution tuition cost -

For UG Courses - 10000 - 20000 US Dollars - Rs. 5,00,000 - Rs. 10,00,000 INR per year

For PG Courses - 15000 - 25000 US Dollars - Rs. 7, 50,000 - Rs. 12, 50,000 INR per Year

All these costs for studying in USA mentioned above depends on a lot of factors which includes institution, choice of course etc. This is an average estimate, subjected to change without prior notice.

The average cost also depends on the locality. For someone staying in in a metropolitan city such as New York, Manhattan or San Francisco, the expenses can be as higher as $15000. This is higher as compared to the average cost of around $8000 to $10000 per year for a student studying in a suburban area.

Student’s VISA in USA

Even though the documents required for a VISA to study in USA is usually the same for every international student, it can vary on the basis of your country and courses. Here is a list of common documents that any student will have to submit to stay in USA as an international student -

• Attested copies of X, XII & Graduate Degree (if applicable), Mark Sheets including Backlogs (Re-sits)

• Evidence of English Language proficiency e.g. IELTS, TOEFL, etc.

• Standardised Tests e.g. GMAT, GRE (where necessary for the programme)

• Two academic references

• Two references from employers (where applicable)

• Passport sized photographs

• Statement of Purpose (SOP)

• Resume/CV

• Draft for application fees, if applicable

• Portfolio (for Art, Design & Architecture programme)

• Other Certificates & Achievements of Extracurricular Activities

For more useful information about the types of student’s VISAs valid in USA and the complete process of application, students can get expert consultation at USA consultants from India.

The Chopras have dedicated team of expert USA Education Consultants who are well aware about the process and sudden changes in the VISA guidelines. Just walk-in to the nearest of the 21 The Chopras branch offices across India and get initial counselling for all your VISA related questions to study in USA.